Michael Steuer

Leader of programming content and as
Vice President of the local synagogue Or Chadash in East Memphis, Michael Steuer goes above and beyond to help the synagogue.

AbDr. Michael Steuerot

Dr. Michael Steuer in Memphis, TN never calls in sick to those in need. To say he devotes his heart and soul to serving his community is an understatement to those who know him. When Michael Steuer isn’t caring for patients - at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center- he provides financial support and serves as the leader of programming content and Vice President of the local synagogue- Or Chadash in East Memphis.

In fact, this local doctor has added many layers to his white coat, extending generosity beyond the Memphis area. Despite the demanding obligations of owning four private practices -from Jackson, TN to Southaven, MS- Michael Steuer is also a nationally recognized lecturer, board-certified educator, and benefactor to various Jewish organizations- including Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. Serving Or Chadash for over a dozen years, his philanthropy varies from transportation for members to providing expensive needs for the synagogue.

Michael Steuer's compassion for people is simply remarkable,” says Rabbi Cantor David Julian of Or Chadash. "You could not be somewhere and not notice that he was there. He just has that much quality."

Or Chadash-which means “new light-“is a conservative synagogue committed to sharing Judaism through weekly services and numerous outreach programs. Due to generous sponsors-such as Dr. Michael Steuer- the synagogue provides aid to several families and organizations in all corners of Memphis-including their Kosher Food Pantry-a program that supplies specific food needs for local Jews.

Other services include: in-house for the needy, clothing for people who need them, educational lectures, and sponsored community activities – ranging from arts and crafts to international dinners.

However, home is where the heart is, for this doctor and father of 3. Commonly referred as “the rabbi’s grandson” when he was a young kid growing up in Chicago, Steuer says he always admired his grandfather and the profound differences he made in people’s lives. “My grandfather was very influential and was a larger than life character,” Steuer explains. In fact, Michael Steuer says his grandfather- a beloved rabbi in their community- was a significant inspiration and would go on to emulate his leadership through his own career and community involvement.

Valuing the identity of his Judaic traditions, Michael Steuer teaches Hebrew to local students, in his spare time at Or Chadash. Among efforts to pass along other traditions of Judaism, the Memphis synagogue also offers a variety of programs-from cooking classes to skyped conferences with other countries- to remain close with the development of Israel. “We view ourselves intimately connected with the people of Israel” –whether historically, socially, or politically- Rabbi Julian explains. “The state of Israel affects all Jews, even those in the United States.”

Written by Tiara Baker

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